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Bobby Felder, LMT-#106157
E-mail: bobby@massageunow.com
Phone: 281-798-9930

“Relax and Renew a Different You!”

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Mission Statement

To inform and educate individuals about the importance and the effects of massage therapy.  To help individuals understand how massage therapy is used to help alleviate stress and tension. Massage therapy is not only being used as a luxury benefit but also as a therapeutic and preventive health aid. Massage therapy is more accepted in every aspect of the health industry: chiropractic, sports treatment, as well as to help those with depression and anxiety.


Massage therapy used to be known as an elite luxury benefit. Nowadays, that is not the case. People are becoming aware of the importance of massage and its effects on the body. My vision is to educate individuals about the importance therapeutic massage and its many benefits it has to off.


* Massage therapy is a form of relaxation and stress reducer.
* Getting massages on an ongoing basis is helpful.
* Massages will help to increase your well-being physically and mentally.


* To make sure that all individuals understand at a greater level the importance of massage therapy and its effects.
* To develop positive working relationships with individuals
* To offer the best quality and effective massages.